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Born in Moskow (Russia), lives and works in Liège (Belgium).

Studies in Moskow University, Geography and Foreign linguages.

Self educated for photography and digital art, she received however support from famous photographers, american and russian.

Three main directions in her work : photography, digital art and scannography.

Irina has decided to use preferably modern supports like dibond, metal or plexi for printing as well for artistic creations as for design applications.


Personnal  exhibitions

2010-2012 - Jirras special paper collection

2014 juin - Liège, Bd.Piercot – collection privée

2014 septembre - Bruxelles, Avenue de la Chevalerie – collection privée

Mai 2015-mars 2016 – Battice, Restaurant Au Vieux Logis

2015 août - Liège, Cointe – collection privée

2016 mai - Bruxelles, Avenue de Tervueren – collection privée

2017 – Bureau Vincent Burton, Liège

2018 avril - Paddocks F 1 Circuit Spa Francorchamps

2019 avril - ART3F Luxembourg International Art Fair

Collective  exhibitions

2010-2012 - expositions virtuelles, différents sites "photo" spécialisés

2012 mai - Belgique Liège La Société libre d’Émulation

2013 juillet - Italie - Torano (Carrara) en duo avec la sculptrice V.Roland

2014 août - Montmartre à Dinant

2015 mars - Festival des cultures, Luxembourg

2015 septembre - Artisalie -Arts numériques

2016 décembre – Métal Vibrant, Liège

2018 avril - La Ciotat (France)

2018  décembre- Lux Art Fair, Art Magna Federation, Luxembourg

2019 juilllet - Rue Blaes 34 Gallery, Brussels


My  way

Very simple in fact ! I have a picture in my mind, anywhere, any time and then, I start to work using different creative techniques . I don't need to travel or special experiences to do it, just be quiet and happy.

And what I want to show is an original and beautiful vision of life or reality, hoping to share a little piece of beauty or joy with the public.

Some creations will be pleased to live on the walls in your home, hotel, office, etc, others can be used for design mainly with metal support which allows to place them outdoor like in the garden or near the swimming pool for instance or more simply in your bathroom or kitchen.

I show on this site examples of 3 types of creation : photography, digital art and scannography.

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Je suis un paragraphe. Cliquez ici pour ajouter votre propre texte et me modifier. C'est facile.