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Bio expresse et démarche artistique



Digital image



Belgian artist, born in Moscow (Russian Federation), has lived and worked in Liège (Belgium) for many years.

Studies at the Pedagogical University of Moscow, Faculty of Geography & Foreign Languages.

Self-taught for photography and digital art but has benefited from the advice of great Russian and American photographers.

Three areas of creation: photography, digital images and scannography.

Systematically uses contemporary media such as dibond, metal, etc. for artistic or design applications.

Personal exhibitions

2010-2012 - JIRRAS Collection, Liege

2014 June - Liège, Bd. Piercot – private collection

2014 September - Brussels, Avenue de la Chevalerie – private collection

May 2015-March 2016 – Battice, Restaurant Au Vieux Logis

2015 August - Liège, Cointe – private collection

2016 May - Brussels, Avenue de Tervueren – private collection

2017 – Office Vincent Burton, Liège

April 2018 - Paddocks F 1 Circuit Spa Francorchamps

2019 April - ART3F Luxembourg International Art Fair

December 2019:  PAX Bookstore, Liège

Collective exhibitions

2010-2012 - virtual exhibitions, various specialized "photo" sites

2012 May - Belgium Liège The Free Society of Emulation

2013 July - Italy - Torano (Carrara) in duet with the sculptress V.Roland

2014 August -Montmartre to Dinant

2015 March - Festival of Cultures, Luxembourg

2015 September - Artisalie - Digital Arts, Liège

2016 December – Vibrant Metal, Liège

2018 April - La Ciotat (France)

2018  December- Lux Art Fair, Art Magna Federation, Luxembourg

2019 July - August - Gallery 34 rue Blaes (Sablon), Brussels

August 2020 - International Contemporary Art Fair, Fontvieille, Monaco

October 2021 - Espace Baffroi, Paris XI, France


Artistic approach

"Everything is simple in my case. No need for exotic travels to inspire me. The idea comes to me and I start to realize it. It happens the same way with all my creations: if I knit, if I tinker , whether I create my digital images or write articles for my friends. So it all starts in my head. It's my reality - the idea is always primary. I always start like that.

Only one condition is important for me: it is my personal peace of mind. Without this tranquility I can be a beautiful housewife but not an artist.

So when my idea and my state of mind go well together - I do great things. Yes yes. It is important to specify it: my goal - it is to make really beautiful things, even if they are objects of recovery and recycling. Even my photos or pictures as usual - these are decorative items. If I summarize in two words:  I seek and find beauty everywhere and try to create it myself.

Maybe it's not very fashionable, but I think now there are already so many horrors in the world that once in a while our eyes, our brains and our bodies just have to have their little pleasures , and not always observe wars, corpses, blood and political games.

I regularly attend exhibitions and contemporary art fairs and I  see that alongside what exists, there is a place for me...

I don't give up and I don't stop. I am full of ideas and look with great optimism to my future. And I explain why below.

Because in addition to the ideas that come to me very often, new printing technologies are appearing and I am always looking for labs that innovate, even beyond borders . Digital art and modern photography do not exist without software and technology.

Already now I mainly print on modern supports (dibond, aluminium, plexi, etc). I tried to print my designs on silk for scarves and I will continue with the collaboration of Italian workshops. Walls, furniture, clocks, coasters, trinkets, etc. - I want and will decorate everything. Maybe in a few months I'll try upholstery and rugs. I made several table tops with my images. I found the signs that can be printed for use in showers, kitchens, even directly in swimming pools - it greatly expands my possibilities to advance in the use of my images for design.

Finally, I present to you in the appendix examples of the three main axes of my creation: scannography,  digital illusion and photography."

You can also discover many examples of creation on my Facebook page:



Je suis un paragraphe. Cliquez ici pour ajouter votre propre texte et me modifier. C'est facile.

Je suis un paragraphe. Cliquez ici pour ajouter votre propre texte et me modifier. C'est facile.

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